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Coming Soon: Folders & Question Queue

Better organization and planning for questions

When Plickers first started out, it was designed for short, on-the-go questioning, and you could only create questions in the mobile app. Since then, we've added a way to create questions on the web, plan them for multiple classes, and even add images. This fall, we're excited to introduce folders to help you organize your questions by topic, unit, or whatever floats your boat! We're also adding a Question Queue panel, so you'll be able to see which questions you’ve planned or "queued" for each of your classes. Look for the update in the next few days. Read on to learn more!

Feature Overview

To create a folder, click New Folder.

As you navigate through your folders, use the breadcrumbs at the top of the page to keep track of which folder you’re in. When you create a new folder or question, it will be automatically placed inside that folder.

If you'd like to move a question or folder, select Move question or Move folder from the dropdown menu.

The new Question Queue will show you which questions you’re planning on using for each class. It’s the same queue that you’ve been using on the Plickers mobile app — now visible on the web.

Looking at an Example

In the example below, we can see Ms. Frizzle has organized the questions for her science class by unit and topic.

In preparation for her class field trip through the Solar System tomorrow, Ms. Frizzle has gone ahead and added a few questions about planets to her class queue for her 3rd Grade Science class. From here, she can rearrange the order of her questions if needed.

Advanced Tips

Folders listing: Folders are listed in alphabetical order, just like they are in Windows, Mac OS, and Google Drive. If you'd like your folders listed in some other order, you may want to add a numbered label to the beginning of each folder’s name — Unit 1, Unit 2; Ch. 1, Ch. 2; etc.
Mobile Uploads: When you create questions on your mobile device, they'll hang out in the Mobile Uploads folder until you move them.

Archive: Thinking about deleting a question, but not sure if you’ll need it again? Consider archiving it. It’ll stay out of your way in your archive.
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